EUPEC is strategically located in europe on the North Sea (France). Its common history with the Caspian PipeCoatings Company (ex-EUPEC Azerbaijan) also gives EUPEC the opportunity to provide its products and services in the Caspian Sea area.

The Dunkirk sites (France) benefit from a close proximity to major steel/plates/pipes manufacturing capacity and a world-class port equipped with deep-water docking facilities, experienced stevedores and purpose-built cranage dedicated to pipe handling.

EUPEC provides complete logistical packages adapted to each customer’s specific needs worldwide. Fields of intervention are strategic, tactical and operational. They respect the EUPEC QSHE process management, reduce complex interfaces and improve customer time spent in project management by offering the best delivery solutions.

EUPEC’s integrated logistics department is composed of experienced personnel with extensive contacts in the local and international logistics supply chain. They manage your projects from preparation to site operations, including multi-modal transport solutions (land, sea and air freight), complex onshore issues and emergency situations.

Our logistical activities cover international transport, insurance and customs clearance, packaging, handling, stacking and storage of pipes, bends and fittings. Our activities are completed by the transportation of raw materials, equipment and “containerized workshops” to our customer’s sites for onshore operations. Mobile coating units can also provide a good alternative solution for in-country coating, so improving the economics and logistics of large projects.